WGA 714H Dennis

Dennis Fire appliance


Appliance Registration Make / Model Type Current Vehicle Status
WGA 714H
Mk2 Scoosher


This appliance was registered on the 14th of April 1970 to The Glasgow Fire Service and from May 1975 Registered to Strathclyde Fire Brigade.

From 1976 to 1980 it was stationed at B02 Govan (on the run then as a spare appliance) and finally Stationed at F24 Dunoon 1981.

The Mark 2 was on a Dennis F46A chassis with a Rolls Royce B81 engine which had 8 cylinders giving the 6.5 litre petrol engine 235 BHP.

The bodywork is by J. C Bennet and the heavier MK2 booms were from Simon Engineering.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Museum
and Heritage Centre
The Old Fire Station Dalrymple Street
PA15 1LY


Registered Scottish Charity (SC043929)