KSF 404 Dennis F8

Appliance Registration Make / Model Type Current Vehicle Status
KSF 404
Dennis F8
Major Pump


Purchased by the South Eastern Area Fire Brigade in 1953 this Dennis F8 pump was stationed at Leith Fire Station in Junction Place and then at Peebles before being disposed of around 1973.

Over 150 of these appliances were built at the Dennis Brothers premises at Guildford. The six ton vehicle is powered by a six cylinder Rolls Royce B60 six-cylinder engine of 4.25-litres capable of delivering 122bhp at 4,000rpm..

Transmission is through a four speed gearbox, dry plate clutch and bevel rear axle; braking is servo hydraulic. The rear-mounted Dennis No. 2 pump can deliver 500 gallons per minute and the equipment is completed by a 200-gallon first aid tank and a 35-foot Ajax ladder.

The vehicle lay outside at Galashiels for a number of years.

This vehicle was acquired by The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Heritage Trust in September 2009 and as of August 2013, is back “On The Run”.

KSF 404 Dennis F8KSF 404 Dennis F8

1953 Dennis F8 Major Pump – how it looked in September 2009

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Museum
and Heritage Centre
The Old Fire Station Dalrymple Street
PA15 1LY


Registered Scottish Charity (SC043929)