1940 Trailer Mounted Deluge Set

1940 Trailer Mounted Deluge Set

The Preservation Group Deluge Set is the one on the right outside Hamilton Headquarters Pictured Here April 1st 1990

The Deluge Set is a trailer mounted water canon. They were extensively used during W.W.2, through the 1950’s and only withdrawn from service in the early 1980’s. This highly portable piece of equipment was primarily used at large fires where copious amounts of water could be directed into a burning building. Once set up, the Deluge Set could be left unattended thereby minimising risk to life..

The canon consists of a large monitor, originally designed for use on fireboats and adapted to fit on a road trailer. Manual controls comprising of two handwheels, allowed the operator to raise and rotate the monitor and thereby directing the jet of water with great accuracy.

Working at 150psi (10 bar) the Deluge will pass over 600 gallons of water per minute.

This particular Deluge Set served with the National Fire Service during the War and then with Glasgow Fire Service and latterly with Strathclyde Fire Brigade. Among the many incidents it attended, was the Clydebank Blitz in 1941 and the Cheapside Street Whisky Bond Fire in 1960 in which 14 Firemen and 5 Salvage Corps Personnel died.

The Deluge Set was on display for some time outside Strathclyde Fire Brigade’s headquarters in Hamilton. By the early 1990’s it had fallen into disrepair and was now largely neglected. Strathclyde Fire Brigade Preservation Group took it over in order that its future would be secure.

Our Group contacted BAE Systems and enquired if they could assist us with the restoration of the Deluge Set. They agreed and in early September it was delivered to the Scotstoun Yard. A team of dedicated and skilled craftsmen then set about restoring this important piece of fire service history. The finished article exceeded my expectations. The workmanship was outstanding and those involved are to be highly commended on a job well done.

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