James Mair Memorial Service 26th May 2019

Dear John, Graeme, and Museum Volunteers,

Thank you for our incredible tour of the Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Preservation Museum. Your special efforts have not only
honored my Great Grandfather’s sacrifice but have memorialized his legacy. The attention to detail and your remarkable historic notes will give each of us a renewed appreciation for the sacrifices and service of all firefighters including Fireman James Mair.

The Fire and Rescue Preservation Museum is beautiful and has tremendous personal meaning for the Mair family. Seeing his exhibit took my breath away. You have honored my Great Grandfather is such a respectful and personal way. Thank you. It is a memory I will cherish forever.

I have given Claire and James their beautiful books, with the promise that when they are older, we will go to the firehouse and to the Museum. They will be reminded of his service and sacrifice because of your beautiful exhibits. I know they will also share my feelings of honor and pride.

I will never forget our Sunday at the Museum or the wonderful volunteers who made our private tour possible. Thank you for the beautiful tribute honoring my Great Grandfather Fireman James Mair. It was an honor and privilege to meet you and to share the story of Fireman James. You have made his story come alive for anyone who visits. It will live on for generations yet to be. I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all firefighters, past and present for their service and daily sacrifices. The museum is a wonderful tribute to all firefighters. I am so proud that my Great Grandfather is one of them!

With deepest appreciation, Leslie Bell, Great Granddaughter of Fireman James Mair

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Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Museum
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