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  1. just been looking at your pictures of the model of the st mungo, nice model. I am building the same boat working from original builders plans and its about half finished. I would be interested to see your model and speak to the builder

  2. Great site,Can you please help i am helping my father inlaw restore a 1942 austin k2 ATV and loved the photos of you restoration. The problem we are having is finding out the correct colour, if you can help with the Ral number or name that would be great.My other question is are you taking your K2 to Preston Hall this year ?
    Thanks. Dave

  3. Much much better site guys.
    Great content and some nice photography as well. Also a pleasure to visit a site and be able to see whats available and find it easily. An added bonus too at not having copious amounts of animations and silly flash pop ups etc. Your site is just great, keep it up.

  4. Congratulations on the reinvented web site – I can only begin to guess how many hours the web site sub-group put into this project and would like to place on record my thanks to them all in creating this for the world to share in our enjoyment

  5. Nice website. I love to see old fire equipment. Even more intersting when it is from or in a foreign country. Keep up the good work.

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